Green Livelihoods Consult

Despite being a a sustainable development focussed local organization, GL has a consulting arm whose mission is “to provide policy-oriented research and consultancy services so as to contribute to evidence based development programing”. Our approach in consultancy is four thronged namely:

1. Evaluative Research and Theory Of Change Analysis
2. Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Results Based Management
3. Participatory Development Stock-taking and Project Cycle Management
4. Outreach, Documentation and Dissemination

The consultancy component which is meant for fundraising to support development work offers technical guidance to local and International Organizations, Agencies and networks for their effective delivery of services.

The firm is completely independent of any influence from government or other agencies allowing it to perform its duties without aprior judgements. In our operations, “we believe that well-managed data talks to development managers ..... it provides answers on the way forward for a better world”

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