Environmental Awareness Project: Monitoring visit by Seniors without Border (SwB) from Denmark

From the 5th to the 11th of May, Greenlivehoods (GL) hosted two members of Senior without Border (SwB) from Denmark. SwBs in partnership with GL is supporting the implementation of a project called “Environmental Awareness Project (EAP)”. The project started in November 2020 and will conclude in October 2022. EAP is being implemented in Dowa district, TA Mkukula where youth groups from various villages are engaged in Income Generating Activities. Villages covered are Mbalame, Kalazi, Chinkhiri, and Wilson where the youths do farming, beekeeping, rabbit keeping, pigs, banana planting, tree planting, and fruit trees as businesses.

Several groups were visited during the SwBs monitoring visit: Kalazi, Mbalame, Tsononkho, Mutuwasompho, midland, Pumphunthe and Chibvala Primary School. The activities monitored are Rabbit farming, banana farming, fruit tree farming, piggery production, beekeeping, and pig house and tree planting initiatives. The main aim of the EAP is to improve the lives of the youth and the marginalised groups through green business and sustainable livelihood creation.

Below are the highlights of the monitoring visit in pictures: