Pumphunthe Club Dates Silkeborg High School

Pumphunthe Bee Keeping Club in Dowa Chibvala EPA dates Silkeborg High School students during their Cycle Malawi Tour visit.
The students from Silkeborg High School in Denmark were in the country touring across from Zomba to Mzimba (cycling) and along the way they were visiting #DCA funded projects.

Pumphunthe bee keeping club is under PRAFOCRECC project being implemented by Green Livelihoods and FISD funded by DCA. During the visit at Pumphunthe forest/hill the students made a donation to the club to add some more hives so as increase their potential in terms of honey production. Thank you DCA Malawi for making it possible for the visitors to come to PRAFOCRECC project site (specifically Pumphunthe bee club).


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