The Village Champion

The story of a 28 year old Sofina Leneck (a mother of 4 children) a member of Tithandizane Self-Help Group in Dowa (GVH Ponombo, Chewo Village, TA Mkukula). As a member Sofina was saving K100 every week. She first got a soft loan of K1000 from the group which helped her to start a business of buying and selling Maize (grain).

Before joining SGH, she was living below the poverty line hence strangling to provide for her family since her husband has two wives hence rarely supports her. Following a series of soft loans and paying back she was able to accumulate more profits hence boosting her business and able to save some for basic needs for herself and her kids. Through her savings she was given a chance of getting K 20,000.00 at once which she used to buy four piglets. She is using these piglets as seed for a more grown livestock production.

The self-help group has helped me a lot by changing my living standard since am able to have money after doing my business and am able to buy things which will help me in the future like the piglets which will help me to pay school fees for my child who is going to secondary school next year and also provide well balanced diets for my children as learnt from the group".

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